Marshall Eaton’s Misadventures In Agent Orange at Darkhorse Base 1965

“Hey Private, I’ve got a mission for you. Take this canister of Agent Orange, pliers, and a pistol and go out there in that mine field. Fix the broken concertina wire and spray the jungle vegetation. Try not to get

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The Most Effective Leadership Style for Periods of Rapid Change and Increased Risk

What are the consequences of managers resorting to the use of authoritarian leadership techniques during periods of rapid change and increased threat? Read my thoughts on the subject here, cross-posted from the Takouba blog.

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The Secret War in Laos – Constrained by Politics to Fail

No one who knows me will be surprised to find that I selected the Secret War in Laos as the topic for the first of two 7-10 page military history papers required in Module 4 of the Sergeants Major Academy.

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Help Wildlife Protection Teams Prevent Poaching

Lynn and I visited Tarangire National Park in Tanzania a few years back and were amazed to see the intelligence and culture of wild African elephants. They were a highlight of our trip. Unfortunately they remain a priority target for

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First responder crises support for depression, suicide prevention, and substance abuse

We may never know the exact reasons why someone decides to kill themselves. I do know one thing that people who have successfully recovered from depression have in common, the willingness to ask for and accept help. To this point

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Always Faithful – A Handlebar Mustache

There’s a short mid-seventies man named John at the trap club I shoot at. He wears a handlebar mustache that he dies, waxes, and twists out the tips of. I’ve always thought it looked a bit odd, old-fashioned, and that

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A Sage Adrift

I have a friend I’ll call Caspian, a pseudonym.  In another era he would have been a sage, a mountain mystic, living in a cave. People would have made journeys of many miles to seek his counsel. He would have replied

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Supreme Nonsense

If the smartest people in this country can’t come close to agreeing on what our nation’s laws mean, either the laws suck or the people interpreting them do. Right? Is there anything more demonstrative of the insanity of working in

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Joy In My Grandfathers Presence

Among the most sublime of quiet pleasures is to become conscious that one’s mere presence is a source of joy to someone dearly loved. My Grandfather Beldon Reynolds was a U.S. Army veteran of WWII and a Heart Mountain Valley

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Beware Bombing Iraq

Maybe we never should have gone to Iraq. Maybe we should have gone different, more hardcore, or with a real reconstruction plan. Maybe, once there, we should have stayed longer, done more handholding to preserve the fragile peace the surge

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